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Early 1980s Arcades, Late 1980s Arcades, Early 1990s Arcades, Late 1990s Arcades, 2000s Arcades
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Unlimited Play Admission, Food - Snacks and Drinks
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n85w15920 Appleton Avenue , Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53051, United States
Detailed Information

The Garcade began as a hobby of owner Gar Nelson back in 2012 as an opportunity to spend time with his kids. A tinkerer by nature, collecting vintage games allowed him to go on road trips with his kids, spend time at home working on the games, and create a fun environment at home for the family to entertain themselves and their friends. As time wore on, the home arcade grew and grew and the popularity of their home arcade flourished, but space was getting cramped and Gar wanted to share his love of gaming with more people. After enjoying the arcade at home, Gar’s wife Mara and their kids began to conceive a public arcade.

While this was happening, one of Gar’s close friends, Tim Byron was getting interested in arcade games. Gar and Tim had traveled together, gone on game trips together, and found many hobbies they had in common. One day, Gar approached Tim with a crazy idea, taking our arcade game and pinball hobby to a new level. Tim found us the perfect location, and together we have built our hobby into a massive homage to classic gaming, and if you’re interested in other types of games such as slot games there are great options for this as well, check out ericulous.com for more.
Since then, our team here at The Garcade has made it our mission to create a fun family environment that’s safe, affordable and nostalgic.