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Unlimited Play Admission, Food - Snacks and Drinks, Food - Bar Style, Alcohol Available
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3000 Saint Claude Avenue , New Orleans, Louisiana 70117, United States
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is an aquatic themed arcade in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans.  Sea Cave is open and accessible to everyone and is family friendly during that day.  This brick and mortar location is larger than our previous “speak easy” spaces which means lots of room for MORE GAMES! We now have over a dozen MULTI-GAME arcade cabinets & three CRTs w/ CONSOLE systems. We don’t know the exact count, but we we have 10,000 + titles!!

We also offer memberships, making it more affordable for NEIGHBORS AND LOCALS who plan on utilizing the space on a regular basis.  And the Sea Cave is also now available for events and private parties! 


  • Minors allowed w/ parents until 8pm

  • No one under 21 after 8pm

  • We card anyone who looks under 35 y/o


  • You must have a wrist band to play games!

  • Day Pass  =  $8 Adults / $5 Kids

  • Happy Hour / Late Night  (Before 6pm & After 10pm) = $5

  • Year  =  $150 Adults / $75 Kids

  • Lifetime  =  $1000

“It all started as an idea after visiting a friend’s arcade game collection one evening. Afterwards I decided I wanted to build a different kind of social space in the neighborhood than what was currently available. I grew up with arcades and always loved them not just for the games but as a space. It was somewhere where people from all walks of life could interact with one another through the medium of games.  Over the years cities have lost those kind of spaces. We intend to help bring them back.​  I personally want to thank everyone who helped Sea Cave get to this point.   I promise to make this an accessible and affordable space for the neighborhood.  I remain committed to the original idea of the space as a place for people to hangout and play games together as an alternative to current nightlife and entertainment options in the neighborhood.  We want this to be a place where people can escape the pressures of the outside world and find common ground through games.” – Judah