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Unlimited Play Admission
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544 Myrtlewood Drive , Calimesa, California 92320, United States
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Retrovolt Arcade has 20 pinball machines and 60+ arcade games, ready to play at any one time. Our machines – with the exception of some brand new pins from Stern – range from the mid 1970’s to the mid 1990’s. No ticket redemption, no tacky prizes. Just games from the past, high scores and bragging rights. The way it should be!

Come and join us a for a trip in to the retro gaming past. Or host your own party or event at our venue which is straight out of the arcade golden age.

Classic Games, classic music, classic fun in an awesome arcade that is a trip back in time. Pay by the hour, all of our games are set to free play!


THURSDAY : 5pm – 11pm

FRIDAY : 5pm – 11pm

SATURDAY : 11am – 11pm

SUNDAY : 11am – 11pm