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Early 1980s Arcades, Late 1980s Arcades, Early 1990s Arcades, Retro Consoles
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Unlimited Play Admission
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28 South Raymond Avenue , Pasadena, California 91105, United States
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Walking into an arcade in the 80s & 90s was like entering a vivid dream filled with colorful lights and enticing sounds. Whether you were battling alien spaceships, street fighters, or crazy demons, everyone depended on you to save the world, one credit at a time.

Neon Retro Arcade recreates that atmosphere for a new generation of gamers to enjoy the classics that launched the video game revolution. Kids walk in and enjoy seeing where their favorite characters began; adults walk in and are instantly transported back to their childhood when playing the latest game meant meeting your friends at the arcade.

All the classics are here, restored to their original glory. From icons like Asteroids, Donkey Kong, and Pac-Man to The Simpsons, Street Fighter 2 and more, you’ll find it at Neon Retro Arcade.