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2565 West New Haven Avenue , West Melbourne, Florida 32904, United States
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We are products of the 80’s, we lived the arcade era when you went to your parents and begged for a few dollars to hit up the local arcade or candy store.  The 80’s was a different time.  Great music, T.V. shows and movies.  You went outside and played until the street lights came on or you got in trouble.  We played tag, street tackle football, handball and rode our bikes.  Somehow we still found time to get to the arcade and try to take down that high score.  Now, as adults (most of us) have our children asking for IPhones, Xbox’s and computers.  If they only knew…

​We decided to create a place where you can come during the day and show your kids, grand kids or friends what we did as products of the 80’s.

Melbourne Florida is missing a place to relive the classic gaming era, it’s missing a fun energetic place to meet new people and socialize.  The people of Melbourne are crying out for real entertainment.  We need a place that is affordable and fun.  A place we can call our “go to place”.